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Do you want to go on vacation and avoid traffic jams? We will organise for your vehicle to be brought to you directly at the chosen location.

And if you have bought a car abroad and you need it to be brought to your home, we will deal with the pick-up and delivery.


Professionalism that is based on organization, reliability and punctuality. We have always known that punctuality and meeting deadlines is a fundamental part of work, not to mention the safety and compliance with European standards.

We can guarantee professionalism and competence to our customers.


Verona, located at a strategic crossroads within Europe, led Guzzinati to develop 7000 square metres of space for about 200 cars.

It is available to both private individuals and companies as a safe place to keep their vehicles for as long as required.
In which countries do you deliver?
We deliver across Europe, mainly in Germany, France, Spain, Belgium and Sweden, but if your car should happen to be in Austria or the Netherlands or in Eastern Europe do not hesitate to contact us, we will arrange transport with different timings.
Is the transportation insured?
Of course, your car will travel with full all-risks insurance coverage for the protection of various damages that the goods could be exposed to.
How long advance does one have to book?
From the moment the transport has been commissioned, it usually takes 3 to 4 days for your car to be picked up from the prearranged location and will be delivered within 10 days.
How many cars can be shipped?
We can transport any car you want. Clearly the number of vehicles loaded depends on the size of the cars. We tend to carry from 1 to 9 medium-sized cars (VW GOLF - AUDI A3 sportback - CITROEN C3 - BMW 1 Series - MERCEDES CL etc), up to 10 small cars (FIAT PANDA - FIAT 500 etc). If you have SMART fortwo, up to 12 cars may be loaded. On the other hand, for the large sizes, the maximum is 8 (BMW 3 SERIES - MERCEDES CL B etc). For OFF-ROAD SUV or the maximum load is 7 vehicles. We do not transport tractors.
Can I track my car?
You can track your vehicle anytime, anywhere. From your phone, tablet, laptop from your home or office. From the moment the car is loaded onto our vehicle, we will send you the code and password. You then simply access our website, on the truck&tracing page, enter the credentials that you have been provided with and you can follow your car every step of the way.
Transport ALL-RISK insurance
Each delivery is insured against any inconvenience from pickup to delivery, including transhipments and stops!
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