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The satellite tracking systems fitted to our vehicles allow you to find your car with a simple click.
As soon as your car is loaded onto our vehicle, login credentials will be provided (username and password) and logging in on this on this page, you can interact with the system and obtain the following information:

•  view on the map the current and updated location of the transporter;

•  visually check the status of our vehicle with different colors: Stationary, Moving, etc.;

•  check the time of departure and arrival, monitor driving times, breaks and rest periods;

•  view the rest-stops, stops and departures of the vehicle, check the time and duration;

•  instantly check the driving hours and time to arrival.
Where are the system login
credentials sent to?
From the moment your car is loaded onto our vehicle, you can contact us, we will ask you for your email address and this will become your username through which you can access the page. Then, we will send you the password on your email address so that you can track your car whenever you want.
How do you know if the vehicle my car
is travelling on is currently moving?
Discover the colour-codes! On your screen you will see your vehicle with a corresponding circle and number. Depending on the colour, you can immediately see what is happening. Green = in movement/travelling, yellow= stationary but with engine running (the vehicle may be at a stopsign or waiting for a green light or more cars are being loaded), red = vehicle at a standstill with its engine off (vehicle has stopped). If you click on the circle, the same information will appear on the screen.
How many hours in a row
can a driver drive?
The legislation on the minimum daily rest is described in Article. 4, letter. g) of Regulation 561/2006 and states that the minimum daily rest allowance is 11 hours. If the daily rest allowance is divided into more than one rest stop, then the allowance is 12 hours (the first rest stop must be at least 3 hours and the second one, at least 9 hours). Drivers can also have a reduced rest period of 9 hours but not more than 3 times in a week. The rest period, to be considered compliant, must be completed within 24 hours from the end of the previous rest period. Therefore, if the driver completes his rest at 6am, the European legislation allows him to drive for 9 hours (or 10 hours but no more than twice a week) at the end of which, they will have to start a new rest stop which must terminate before 6am of the following day. Furthermore, the requirements concerning rest stops are met when a reduced rest period of nine hours begins no later than 9pm. If the driver has already partaken of this reduced rest period three times that week, then their rest stop must start no later than 7pm.
Why isn’t the vehicle going
to the address provided?
Do not worry!... Our company deals with both the transport of full loads but also makes groupage of individual cars so the vehicle will have to make several stops to complete the load. However, the office staff is always ready and available for any clarification or explanations during the journey.
Can I use the same login credentials
for another transport?
No, once the car is delivered to you the password ceases to exist. However the username will remain unchanged. Therefore, in the event of another delivery through our company, we will supply you with a new password, as described in paragraph 1, on the email address you have provided.
Transport ALL-RISK insurance
Each delivery is insured against any inconvenience from pickup to delivery, including transhipments and stops!
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